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Why are other machines so expensive?

Many people ask us about the wide specturm of prices for varying microdermabrasion machines.


"Class 1" vs "Class 2"

Our machine has a "class 1" distinction from the FDA. We have included the most powerful motor we can with an output of 80cmhg suction pressure without raising the class of the machine to a "class 2" device. Anything stronger would need to be cleared as a Class 2 medical device. The higher class creates a lot higher cost structure for the manufacturer and distibutor as they need to pay for FDA certifications and regulations. That is why some machines cost much more (in the thousands of dollars) that you see on the internet.


What is Class 2?

Class 2 machines are very powerful and are intended for medical applications such as burn victims and skin cancer patients etc. They are also required to be used by a certified and trained operator because they can tear the skin at the higher suction settings. For cosmetic salons and spas, there is no need for this abundance of suction pressure. An esthetician would never need or come close to using the maximum power. Most salon and spa treatments average about 50-60 suction power for a typical microdermabrasion treatment, so there is plenty of suction with our Macroderma machine with room to spare, and anything more would be a waste of money. Here is an article on Wikipedia explaining the different FDA classifications for reference.


What about cheaper machines?

Lower cost machines are the opposite. They don't have enough suction power to be effective . Usually those machines have a weak motor and while they might be okay for some treatments, such as cleaning the face, they don't have the power to remove to top layer of skin which is the principle of microdermabrasion.  Also, most of the cheaper machines only have the diamond function.


We encourage you to do your own research about all the availible options on the market and hope that you will return to us once you see the value that we offer over other systems. Please let us know if you see a machine the has the same specs at the same pricce as ours and we will beat it!

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