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Microdermabrasion clients with positive results getting microdermabrasion treatments at their local spa. (results may vary)

Wendy H.


"I've been suffering for years from acne and acne scars.  Nothing seemed to help and I was embarrassed to leave the house without makeup.  After treatments with the microdermabrasion machine my skin has improved dramatically and I can now leave the house without makeup with confidence."

Sarah P. (Esthetician)


"I've been an esthetician for 15 years and use this microdermabrasion machine on my clients as well as myself.  All my clients have noticed an improvement in their skin's appearance tone and texture.  As for myself, several people have asked what I'm doing differently because my skin looks more radiant and I look younger."

Maria J.


"For as long as I can remember, my skin has been uneven in texture.  I've had acne as a teenager and I still suffered from the scars.  After the microderm treatments, my skin is drastically smoother.  All my friends have been complimenting how smooth my face is now."

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