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Step 2: Read "best practices" guidelines

Welcome to the Macroderma microdermabrasion machine.  Macroderma is always striving for the perfect balance of quality at an affordable price.  We would like to point out that the machine will take a moment for the suction's full capacity to reach the hand-piece.  You may notice subdued suction initially when placed on your skin, but the suction will gradually become stronger as the air filters through the tubing.  This feature was designed using a contact control sensor on the motor.

The client will enjoy the full benefits of exfoliation without the initial shock of the suction and abrasion on their skin.  Once the hand-piece is securely on the skin for about 2-3 seconds, you may adjust the pressure knob to change the suction to their comfort level.

General Information


The microdermabrasion machine consists of the following:

(1) Waste crystal container

(2) Crystal container
(3) Crystal hand-piece with hoses
(4) Diamond hose
(5) Diamond tip case

      - 9 peeling heads
      - 3 peeling handles

(6) Power cable

There are no serviceable parts inside the machine enclosure.  This enclosure may only be opened by authorized service personnel.


(1) Prepare cold towels.

(2) Sterilize hands and put on disposable latex gloves.

(3) Remove all jewelry from client.

(4) Prepare the surface for treatment by first cleansing the area using chilled towels.  This will remove any residual cleansing products left on the skin.

(5) Make sure the skin is dry.

(6) Make sure the hand-piece, including the cap, is properly sterilized or replaced.





Your unit has been manufactured to the highest standards of a long durable life.


However, it is a delicate instrument and should be treated as such.  Never transport your machine with crystals in the container.


Remove the machine from its packaging and place it on a flat area, free of any liquid.

Refer to the videos to setup the machine for either a crystal or diamond peel treatment.

Plug in in the machine into an outlet and turn on the power switch.  Make sure the switch lights up and that you have power.


Remove the hand-piece from the holder and check for vacuum pressure by covering the opening on the hand-piece itself.  Adjust the intensity to your liking.  Be careful not to leave the hand-piece over any one area for more than a couple seconds.  You should feel sufficient vacuum pressure and check for waste entering into the waste canister.

(1) Do not overfill crystal container.

(2) Never allow used crystal container volume to build up more than half the capacity of the reservoir.  This may lead to occlusion of the filter and can damage your machine.

(3) Empty used crystal container at the end of each day.  Never leave used crystals in your machine overnight.

(4) Never put anything other than crystals supplied by Macroderma in your machine, other crystal products may clog your hand-piece and damage your machine.

(5) Store crystals in a dry place in the original container with the lid securely closed.


Prior to beginning the crystal peel treatment, make sure the skin is dry to the touch.  Depending on the service and skin condition, you may choose to use one pass or many slightly longer timed passes.


Movement should be gentle and rhythmical, but not irritating or uncomfortable.  Treatment can be done slowly and in detail, up to 30 minutes at a time.  A slight reddening after the treatment is a normal reaction. 

Once the treatment is completed, cool the treated surface of the skin by applying cold towels.  Keep doing this until the skin becomes cool to the touch.

The skin has experienced an abrasive treatment.  It is normal that there may be some redness.

Make sure the clients do not sure any other abrasive treatments on the skin as it may cause an adverse reaction.

After the treatment, the client should apply sunblock of at least 25 SPF to protect the new skin cells.

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