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Buy machine with 10-Year Extended Comprehensive Warranty
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-In stock ready to ship

-Financing available


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Professional 2-in-1 Microdermabrasion Machine

  • Both Crystal & Diamond Functionality Interchangeable with this 1 microdermabrasion machine designed in the USA.

  • Takes Both Aluminum Oxide Crystals and Sodium Bicarbonate crystals in addition to the diamond function

  • CE Certified & FDA listed

  • Exclusive 5 Year Warranty through Macroderma & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes Crystal Microdermabrasion delivers better results that Diamond and Hydro in our experience. We even discontinued the Hydro version because it did not provide a strong enough abrasion to the skin. Diamond is still effective and simple and can be combined with the Crystal method for the best results at the best prices.

Most lower cost machines have only 1 function, crystal OR diamond.  Our professional system gives you both the crystal and diamond treatment options in one unit. We are confident of your satisfaction and offer a complete 5 year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee. Our professional team is always available to guide and assist you to provide top quality customer care.


Please be aware, we have been notified of cheap Chinese knockoffs so we recommend you just stay away from those. They have weak motors and overall quality uses cheap components. 


Features, Accessories, and everything else you need to know:
- Powerful adjustable suction 0~80 cmhg.
- Crystal flow valve.
- Includes all accessories:

- 9 different size tips for diamond function.
- 3 metal diamond handpieces.
- 1 metal handpiece for crystal function.
- 5 reusable tips for ctrystal handpiece.
- All tubing, canisters, and extra filters included.
- Dedicated canisters and tubing for crystal and diamond function for simple function change.
- Certification document availible upon request.
- Promotional supply of crystals included!
If you need any additional spare accessories just let us know and we can supply them.
Limited Time Special: Includes a FREE supply of crystals!

Microdermabrasion Treatments

This Microdermabrasion machine is based on the principles of exfoliation. Different from many other chemical exfoliations available today, it is a DRY exfoliation method that is safe to use on many parts of the body including the face area. Exfoliation smooths out wrinkles and fine lines and is also very beneficial for scars. It also helps to unclog pores, stimulate the circulation of the skin, eliminate dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin and improves the skin's ability to retain moisture, giving the skin a more youthful and healthy appearance.
  • Clogged Pores

  • Active rosacea

  • Fragile capillaries

  • Vascular lesions

  • Widespread acne

  • Herpetic lesions (herpes)

  • Warts

  • Open soars

  • Anyone who takes anti-coagulants

  • Eczema

  • Dermatitis

  • Psoriasis

  • Lupus

  • Erythematosus

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Skin lesions

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