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Dispelling the truth about Hydra-facial also known as "water microdermabrasion."

We have been in the microdermabrasion industry for over 10 years and are always trying to stay current with new technologies and advancements in the field. We were initially excited when we heard about the new form of microdermabrasion with water.

We designed and tested a few machines since it does not technically differ much from currecnt microdermabrasion machine builds but have found that while it does give a nice relaxing massage, it comes no where near the efficiancy of traditional crystal and diamnd proceedures. This method looks like its more celebrity driven then by acctual professionals. We can still supply our clients a Hydro-facial machine if insisted upon but we recommend the traditional treatments for the best results. Please read towards the bottom of this artcle in the link below by the experts to see their conclusions.


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